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The vent through which talents ​will be overflowing in themes, be it freedom, religion, individuality, community, purpose​, education​ or identity. ​

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'Roasted Beanz' is a team of young dreamers, art enthusiasts and dramatists - all ready to bring a motley of arts and life enhancing performances from across the world, on one stage - 'Your Place'. Be it through talent enhancing orientation workshops for the aspiring individuals or passionate groups , budding artists , wizards and self-believers , to organizing big tickets celebration events like art or literary festivals, 'Team Roasted Beanz' seek to create an arena for talent to thrive as they work with a vision to make the different forms of art, dance, drama and theatre made available and accessible, in towns beyond Metros and Mini Metros.
  • 2014

    For one. For Everyone!

    For anyone who seeks to learn, enhance or perform – 'Roasted Beanz' is here. For one. For everyone!


Baljeet Randhawa
Oct 1
Oct 1

No more a taboo!

                                                                     Baljeet Randhawa, the new age writer-director  and the brains behind Taboo Talks (a series of monologues that talks about shunned characters […]

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Oct 0
Oct 0

“What you can’t do in real life, you do in cinema to live your fantasy”

shares Imtiaz Ali, as one of his secret formulas of film making. A director always wishes a houseful for all the shows of his every film! But the ‘Rockstar’ director, who wanted to be a journalist in his early days, was equally happy to see a Houseful of film enthusiasts during a recently held film […]

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